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My professor advised that instead of looking to argue something, we look to answer something Your professor has given you some outstanding advice, follow it. Carolina between and ?

What critiques of the laws does each author inscribe? Missouri Compromise - Missouri Compromise research papers on the legislative response to disagreements between pro-slavery and anti-slavery sections in the United States. In what ways do these authors anticipate the wide-scale violence of the Civil War? What attitudes toward these essay documents do source authors recommend to their readers?

Stick to the "How", rather than the "Why" to keep your paper focused. How many slaves existed within your geographic boundaries over the study period, and how many of the county's population owned slaves. Did the number of slaves owned by a single owner increase, or decrease, and by how much?

How rich in essay topics were the various owners, and how many were Black, or Native American. How did the price of slaves change over the study period?

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Census reports should give you a good foundation for the fifty years of your study. Add to those State and County records of sales and transfers of property, both human and land.

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Once you've clearly defined the geography, look to find where slaves were owned. Plantation accounts, though written by owners, should give you plenty of color and other avenues to investigate. Local newspapers are a good source, but should generally be regarded as secondary.

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Finding large concentrations of slave ownership should be relatively easy, but you will have to dig to discover just how extensive slave ownership was among the minor and poorer citizens oon the study area. Any slave accounts you find will be pure gold and fantastic luck.

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This sort of question could be developed into a Master's Thesis without too much effort, but is still within reach of undergraduate students. In some States, owners shifted from owning field slaverh to actively work their plantations, to breeding slaves for sale.

Essay topics on slavery

Sort of like a essay topics lot for slavery. Sources may found in very much the same places slqvery mentioned above. If the concentration shifted during the study period from small owners to large plantation owners, that might be a clue.

A comparison between your study area in N. Carolina and the neighboring States might be interesting to pursue.


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