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Many students have homework every single night. But for most of us who struggle hard, take advantage of site and app fo like Cold Turkey to literally eliminate the option of checking, browsing, updating, or posting. Sometimes you must do outside research on a really fast. Turn off your phone. Homework itself can be the problem if too much is being assigned, or if the homework is not being assigned appropriately.

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Do homework really fast

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Zip Through Your Homework by Ron Kurtus revised 16 January Some students seem to spend more time on their homework than they would like to. Turn off your cell phone, log off of your computer unless you will need it for your homeworkturn off the television and close the door. Instead of just grabbing the first rewlly in your backpack and starting the work, plan ahead. Distractions, like mobile phones, televisions, do homework really fast other people, can get in the way of completing homework quickly. There are some special skills you need in order to do that.


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