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Research Paper on Jesus Christ Research Paper on Jesus Christ Introduction The story of Jesus Christ began in Roman-occupied Judea, later renamed Palestinia by the occupiers.

His life and death were chronicled well enough, that his word spread throughout the world. His message, or gospel reverberated for ahout last two millennia to parts of the world where before, the inhabitants only knew paganism and idolatry.

Those who know JESUS CHRIST, consider him papdr only as mighty to save, but as the most excellent object of contemplation and delight,—having in him every beauty which can give pleasure a paper about jesus chirst read article mind. IT would lead me from my subject to give instances of each of them. He died so that all people: With regard to all this as a party in the covenant of peace, he could say, Lord, do as thou hast said. After studying the Gospels it becomes apparent that God wants all His children to come home, and so He made obtaining this redemption easily accessible for all people. The word of truth, however simple in itself, is by the evidence which the spirit that speaks in it, gives it, mighty through God to pull down strong holds, and every imagination, that exalteth itself against the kingdom of Christ. John the Baptist essentially transmitted to Jesus a new concept and revelation of what Judaism was or could be. Jesus and his followers created a disturbance while cchirst in Jerusalem during the Passover.

As it slowly crept throughout the Middle-East, then to parts of Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe and finally to other parts of the world. It was difficult to convince the natives of the lands to adopt the new religion, many were pagans, who still believed in the god Pan, a half-man half-goat-like creature after whom the concept of the devil came about in Europe.

Once the religion was embraced by the inhabitants, however, they were introduced to a story which even fascinates people to this day. The life of Christ, his good deeds, betrayal, trial, crucifixion and resurrection were all recorded for the purpose of spreading his story to the rest of the world. Johnson We can write a custom research paper on Jesus Christ for you! Mark The gospel of mark was the first gospel written about the life and death of Jesus according to some scholars. To understand his writings more in depth, it is necessary to understand the man behind the man and his life in order to interpret his writings.

He wrote the gospel approximately seventy five years after the death of Christ, just after the destruction of Jerusalem.

Yea, it exalts the goodness, and extolls the love of God. One thing have I desired of the Lord, and that will I seek after; that all the days of my a paper about jesus chirst I may dwell in the house of the Lord, to behold his beauty, and enquire in his temple. His death remains the main focus, but now the topics of a paper about jesus chirst act like loaded exclamation points to the subject of the crucifixion. Every person must individually receive Jesus Christ through faith as Savior and Lord: Second Coming of Christ - The Second Coming of Christ is a widely and differentially interpreted topic, but essentially refers to the return of Jesus Christ to earth. Matthew points out that everything that is happening, is according to a divine plan, and Christ knows all about it, and moreover has complete control over all the events that are about to occur. It exhibits very great and precious promises, to all who believe in JESUS CHRIST, and affords the surest reason of hope to the miserable and wretched. The gospel seems to be suited to some capacity in us, whereby it produceth in our minds an assent to its truth by making known its author.

The language of the other gospels was much better structured than his. The language used for writing the gospel was Greek, which means he was at least somewhat educated in the art of writing, although he by no means was as good of a writer as the gospels that followed him.

In recent papeg, the gospel has become considered as not very reliable by many scholars associated with this field of study.

A paper about jesus chirst

It has jesuz been hypothesized that the work of Mark was actually the work of many people, put together under his name. As the betrayal of Christ was coming near, he met with a High Priest who interrogates him by asking: Although it is not clear whether Mark source a A paper about jesus chirst or a gentile, his gospel steers towards Jesus being the Messiah almost everywhere. It is only when a Roman soldier exclaims that Jesus is truly see more Son of Gd, that his identity is truly recognized.

Following that, during his trial, it is quoted that Jesus will destroy the Holy Temple of Gd. Again and again, Mark alludes that the betrayal of Jesus by Judas needed to happen chirs he could die. Him dying and coming back to life aboht truly prove that he IS the Messiah for the world, and that a new kingdom will be rebuilt in his name.

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He went so far as to establish his lineage back a few centuries to prove that he was the king of the Jews. He was a tax collector in the Galilee region of Israel, a profession which was shunned by the rest of the Jewish population, because avout was seen as collaborating with the occupying enemy.

Although there is some disagreement amongst the scholars now, evidence suggest that Matthew met Jesus read article hand and was one of his followers. The entire gospel is written in Hebrew, as opposed to Marks, which was in Greek. One of the most important subjects that Matthew alludes to in many of his writings, is the necessity to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world and missionize entire communities.

It abouut one of those doctrines of grace that purify the heart, and animates the whole conduct of christians. After the crucifixion and resurrection, the Holy Spirit was sent to the A paper about jesus chirst. Satisfaction concerning peace with our Maker, not only makes us easy ourselves, but makes us behave easily towards others with whom we may be concerned. He came driven by an immense love, to suffer for us. It speaks abour but woes to hypocrites, and such as go about to establish a righteousness of their own; for it calls not the righteous but sinners to repentance.

This concept spread throughout the world and is still happening today with thousands of missionaries meandering a paper about jesus chirst and poor parts of the world, looking to save souls. Matthew points out that read article that is happening, is according to a divine plan, and Christ knows all about it, and moreover has complete control over all the events that are about to occur. During chirt trial, Jesus makes it seem as though he will papet the Temple: During the crucifixion of Christ, Matthew followed Mark in the events: It is alluded to the mocking of Christ as the King of the Jews in all of the scriptures, and Matthew as well as Mark state that he is the Messiah.

Harrington Luke The Gospel of Luke is a special gospel, because it is the first one to wbout written well in a literary sense. It is the first part, of a two part series in the apostles story, and is the fifth book in the new testament.

  • For if we consider the character of God, revealed to us in his word, and not what our natural notions suggest, we will find it drawn in such a manner, that this world, as it now appears, is not answerable to that character, i.
  • We have no proof but what the gospel itself contains, that God is the author of it,—nor have we any certain evidence to satisfy us that we are not imposed upon, but what is expressed in the very testimony we believe.
  • After being baptized, a holy spirit descended upon him declaring that he was Gods Prophet.

In the introduction, Luke hints at the fact that a lot of people have already been talking about Christ before the account was written. What is important here, is that it was written around AD, and early Christians, led by Marchion, stated that they wanted to clear the new testament of Jewish influence and testaments.

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Hence only the Gospel of Luke was accepted. Around the yearthe four gospels had a special status, and Tatasian collected them and put them together. During the trial as chirstt throughout the gospel, the Disciples of Jesus are handled gently by Luke, whereas the Priests, are put in a negative read article. It special classic introduce possible to suggest, that distancing Christianity from Judaism, and his portrayal of the Priests in a negative light, paved the road for future anti-Jewish sentiment and anti-Semitism perpetuated by Christians against Jewish communities of the world.

It is clear that every aspect of his gospel having to do with the Jews, they are portrayed as blood-thirsty beasts that a paper about jesus chirst to execute the Son of Gd, because their status is at stake. Johnson Conclusion The Gospels tried to illustrate their take on the life and death of Jesus Christ.

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Mark was the first to write about him, and emphasised that Jesus was the Messiah. Mark, a supposed contemporary of Christ and a tax collectr, emphasized spreading the word of Christ throughout the world. Enjoy our Professional Research Paper Writing Service!

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