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Research Design in Occupational Education Copyright Oklahoma State University Except for those materials which are supplied by different departments of the University ex. IRB, Thesis Handbook and references used by permission. CRITIQUE EXAMPLE - GRADUATE STUDY Bibliographical Entry Hamby, J. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. Problem Traditional learn more here teaching methods may be an ineffective preparation venue for students assuming careers in a technologically advanced labor market. A curriculum which stresses an applied approach employing the cooperative learning method may be a more effective means of teaching a diverse base of scientific information.

For this reason, the relative effectiveness of an applied science curriculum needs to be evaluated. Comments - The problem statement visit web page very lengthy and needed to be reread several times to understand the point of the study. The problem did, however, agree with the title and had an educational significance. The purpose agreed with the problem in that it will evaluate the effectiveness of the ABC curriculum. However, the purpose revealed that research article critique example apa was done by comparing scores just click for source a standardized biology test and science attitude survey.

Objectives Specifically, the study sought to compare pre-test and post-test scores on: They included enough information to accomplish the purpose and will help solve the problem. The author also included a list of hypotheses which were constructed to achieve the objectives of check this out study. The review of research article critique example apa was very detailed; however, there were a limited number of citings used within the text. Reference citations appeared correct and used proper APA style. Practical and theoretical reasoning was included and similar studies were cited.

Procedures The pre-tests were administered to students within the first four weeks of the academic year. All of the science attitude surveys were identical in content and form. Both the ABC and traditional students were provided identical instructions. During the last research article critique example apa weeks of the school year, the post-tests were given. The alternative version of the achievement test was given to each student. Comments - The research design was adequate and the data gathering procedures were explained.

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