Microbiology phd thesis


All thesis students must review these regulations; students are responsible for ensuring their theses comply with all aspects of these regulations. Failure to do so may cause delays in completion, and may even result in thssis cancellation of a scheduled defense or examination. Standard Format and Publication Format. A student may opt to submit their thesis as a series of related papers manuscripts rhesis for publication that form a coherent body of work. This option requires prior consent of the supervisory committee and appropriate copyright permission.

Additional data generated by the student and presented in other co-authored publications including co-first tesis papers can also tyesis integrated into the thesis. The student's contribution to both the research and the writing of any multi-authored paper must be clearly specified at the beginning of each relevant chapter.

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The Student Contributions to Manuscripts in Theses Form is found with Forms and Documents: Theses and Defences and should be filled out by the supervisor statement mba personal submitted with the thesis. The publication status submitted, in revision, in press, or published, with dates and book or journal details volume, page numbers, etc. The publication or acceptance of such manuscripts before the visit web page defense in no way supersedes the examination committee's evaluation of the work, including microbiiology revisions.

Publications incorporated as thesis chapters should be in manuscript form in a style consistent with general FGS guidelines. Linking sections between manuscript chapters may be included as necessary. Where publication abstracts or acknowledgements are included, they should appear as sections or subsections that are numbered in micgobiology with the rest of the chapter text. Just as the academic content of the thesis must reflect the microbiology phd thesis own work, so must the standard of writing mmicrobiology expression.

It is expected that the student must have contributed substantially to the writing of the manuscripts. The examining committee may require students to either modify or rewrite the thesis in Standard Format if the quality of the writing style differs significantly between the manuscript chapters phv the general introduction and discussion.

Although manuscript chapters will normally have their own introduction, there should be a single general introductory chapter at the beginning of the thesis that provides a comprehensive review of the relevant literature. This section should be presented in a single chapter and should be detailed enough to permit a rigorous assessment of the approaches without the more info to consult other publications i.

In source to the results presented in the manuscripts, additional results generated by the student but not presented in the manuscripts are frequently thezis to complete or extend the studies. Supplemental data from the manuscripts published only on-line should generally be included in the relevant chapter of the thesis. Data not generated by the student, but which is essential to the flow of thesis, may be included in the thesis but should be kept to a minimum and must ph clearly identified as such in the relevant theesis legends and attributed to the contributor.

Joseph Zeppa, PhD candidate, Microbiology and Immunology, Western University

The Discussion provides students with the opportunity to step outside the restrictive boundaries of journal publications to include more forward-looking statements and speculation than commonly found in published papers. All microbjology cited in publication-format chapters must be included in a single complete reference list at the end of the thesis.

The citation style microibology be consistent throughout the thesis.

Microbiology phd thesis

However, most supplementary data figures should usually be integrated into the thesis. Students must obtain appropriate copyright permission for any substantial part of the thesis for which copyright is held by another party e. Permission letters are included in an appendix at the end of the thesis. Letters must include provision for LAC NLC microboology http: Reprints may be included in the appendices. Copyright permission is required.

Title of thesis The title of the PhD thesis, indicative of subject matter, must be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies for Faculty approval no later than six microbiology phd thesis before the expected final thesis examination. This is the responsibility of the student and their supervisor. Thesis submission Unbound copies of an MSc or PhD thesis must be presented to the microbiooogy supervisory committee for final approval. Any thesis presented in bound form will be rejected automatically. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Office has information available on the preparation of theses, Formatting Your Thesis and students are strongly advised to read these before reaching the final stages of thesis writing.

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In addition, the thesis format must be approved by Graduate Studies BEFORE it is submitted to the committee members. For the PhD candidate, two microhiology Supervisor and co-supervisor, if applicabletwo committee members and one additional faculty member.

Microbiology phd thesis

Chaired by the Graduate Coordinator or designate. Supervisor and co-supervisor, if applicableat least two committee microbiolgy plus an external examiner external to the University and the departmental representative. Chaired by a member of the Panel of PhD Defense Chairs.

The external examiner is chosen by the student's supervisory committee. The supervisor then informs the Departmental Chair who then advises the Faculty of Graduate Studies through the submission of the " Request to Arrange Oral Defence of a Doctoral Thesis " form. The Faculty of Graduate Studies extends the formal invitation to the external examiner. Thesis defence Each MSc and PhD candidate will make a public oral presentation of their work for not more than 20 minutes. Thereafter questions will be asked by the examining committee.

Supervisor and co-supervisor, if applicabletwo committee members and one additional faculty member. The examining committee may require students to either modify or rewrite the thesis in Standard Microbiology phd thesis if the quality of the writing style differs significantly between the manuscript chapters and the general introduction and discussion. Reprints may be included in the appendices. Samanthi Narasimhulu, Vani Geetha The trimeric HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein Env complex, gpgp41, is the primary viral structure that elicits neutralizing antibodies.

The departmental office will arrange and theeis the MSc defence; PhD defences are arranged and publicized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Both ,icrobiology done in consultation with the research supervisor and the student. The MSc defence will be chaired by the Graduate Coordinator, Associate Graduate Coordinator or designate, and the PhD defence by a member of the Panel of PhD Defence Chairs.


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