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Feedback Another assignment has just come in: His apartment is sparsely decorated with just a bed, writing desk and glass wall cabinet, where binders and legal texts stand next to a row of classic literature. He enjoys fiction and plays, though he used to only read non-fiction. Arnig is clever, maybe too clever, if he is to be believed. There is hardly any profession left for him other than writing bachelors, masters and doctoral theses for other people.

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Four years ago, after finishing up a doctorate in philosophy, he applied to work at a book publisher, but was rejected. Too expensive and too ambitious, he reckoned. In a humanities trade journal, he read about ghostwriting agencies, of which there are roughly a handful in Germany, and Arnig soon began working for one. He started with an essay, which was followed by bigger contracts writing doctorate theses in subjects like law, political science, business administration, art history and sociology. Sometimes he doesn't even know the name of the university, doctoral advisor or client. He'll exchange only as many anonymous emails as absolutely necessary with his clients, but he can read between the lines.

The slim young man comes across as mellow. His method consists of breaking a topic down to its essentials. How does he familiarize himself with a new topic so quickly? In his current job, he has only needed about three months for every assignment, and so far all of them have been accepted by the universities. Doctoral Dysfunction Arnig is not surprised.

He guesses that it is often the same people who permit the deception. That is why he doesn't feel bad about what he does. Arnig doesn't need any outside recognition, which he got when he finished his own Ph. Plus, he gets paid for his work. In particularly difficult topics the fee is negotiated. The lust for advanced degree titles is growing in Germany.

Here the doctorates usually take less time than a Ph. The drive for academic titles has also revealed the dark underbelly of rampant doctoral fraud, even in click government's highest circles.

Phd thesis ghostwriter

Just last week German Education Minister Annette Schavan had her doctoral title stripped and was forced to step down when her university ruled that parts of her doctoral click had been plagiarized. Two years ago the same things happened to then German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenbergwho was rumored to have used a ghostwriter himself. Instead of creating a backlash against ghostwriters, however, cases like Guttenberg's have actually had the opposite effect. His case was actually how many people first learned about the existence of doctoral ghostwriters at all.

  • It is common to encounter problems especially when you are juggling with numerous academic workloads.
  • The drive for academic titles has also revealed the dark underbelly of rampant doctoral fraud, even in the government's highest circles.
  • Whilst undertaking your research into ghostwriting organizations you may have come to believe that a ghostwritten dissertation can be quick, cheap and deliver a guaranteed high standard.

Since the beginning of the 's, the number of ghostwriters like Arnig has risen and prices have fallen for the service. Murky Legal Ground What is probably Germany's oldest and biggest ghostwriting agency has existed for more than 20 years.

Phd thesis ghostwriter

Because a competitor could use the information against them in court, the agency visit web page no longer allowed to say the number of people it employs. According to the agency head, it doesn't write dissertations for lazy careerists, but rather researches texts for companies and universities.

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For example, medical studies for the pharmaceutical industry, where the author doesn't matter at all, he phd thesis ghostwriter. University working groups with a dearth of capacity order up texts in the field of linguistics, literature, music and art, he says.

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Other agencies openly advertize that they take over the work of overwhelmed academics. They remain within the law in that they require their clients to sign a statement that the created text will only be used for training purposes.

To keep with it we never stop making our service better! As far as our writing specialists are well-trained, they cope thexis any academic challenge equally well! The number of serious cases has declined by 60 per cent since While figures from plagiarism detection service, Turnitin, reveal that the number of serious cases has declined by 60 per cent sincePhil Newton, superintendent of assessment at Swansea University, warned that this could be down to ghostwritef becoming more aware as to what the system could or could not detect. Such live chat communication may take only a couple of phd thesis ghostwriter, but be rather helpful for creating a perfect paper!

In a ruling last year, it said that those who take part in the business, ghostwriters included, clearly know that the work is also submitted to universities. Ghostwriting, the court said, is a "forbidden service" and immoral. According academic regulations, ghostwriting clients risk, at minimum, losing their degree and in some cases must even pay high fines. Most universities require a statement saying that the student created the work on their own, which gets dicey in court. The ghostwriter despises the system that he himself profits from.

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A Free Pass The one aspect of Arnig's work that he feels ashamed of is that he doesn't create relevant academic texts, and instead merely provides a free pass to careerists. Many people earn a lot of money, but are stuck in their careers and need a title to get further. Thanks to people like Arnig, the rich get even richer.

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I am only a cog in the wheels of capitalism. Arnig actually never has to take off his house slippers. But for balance he is an amateur theater director, with rehearsals two evenings a week. A career in the theater is out of the question, like all other jobs, though. He says he is too unknown to become an essayist, too qualified to become a publishing editor, and too scholarly for journalism.

Arnig doesn't want to get an even higher degree that would allow him to become a professor, because he would eventually have to give up other subjects. In his field precarious living conditions are the rule, and besides, elsewhere only specialists are wanted, he says. In higher education, it seems, generalists like him aren't in demand.

In the market of vanity titles that's even more true.



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